Deputy G/Manager Message

ETRE’S timeline in review…

It all started with a dilemma whether to commence toll road operation with own staff or contract it out. A decision was made by the then Board Chair, now the Premier, to bestow trust on local youth to kick-start the first toll road operation within a month.

Addis-Adama Expressway was the first toll road of its kind in East Africa. Uniquely luxurious driving experience to be tolled was a new milestone to the country. September 14th 2014 was the operation commencement date and it so happened. There was much to uncover every week much to unravel & experience. The learning curve was not as smooth as the pavement. Yet we made it to the point we produced Standard Operating Procedures. The rest is history. Then came the second toll road on a totally different set up.  Diredawa-Dewelle toll road is an open system toll road with 223 K.M stretch. ETRE planned & executed the operation with composure in June 2019 by leveraging the experience attained from AAE. We employed, trained and scheduled local youth.

Currently, ETRE is developing Service Areas on Addis-Adama Expressway. Services like fuel station, supermarket, Café & restaurant and motel shall be provided for road users.  The Service Areas’ operation is to be outsourced to the private sector for service quality and efficiency. These services will increase customer satisfaction. More importantly, it will reduce traffic accidents caused by fatigue. In the mean-time the service areas will generate considerable revenues for the enterprise.

Next on, Mojo-Hawassa Expressway (especially Phase-1, Modjo-Batu) is to be inaugurated this year. ETRE will soon start preparation works The growing operation scope of ETRE demands higher management capacity.

ETRE received an international capacity building consultancy support from the World bank. This project is expected to enhance the capacity of functional units in the enterprise that will enable it to shoulder upcoming responsibilities. Overall, we in ETRE are in continuous growth trajectory with upward learning curve and bright future ahead.