Proclamation and regulation

Ethiopian Toll Roads Enterprise Established Council of Ministers Regulation No.310/2014 and Proclamation No.843/2014 as a public Enterprise


To become a leading toll road operator in Africa on road safety and service quality by 2025


Operating and maintaining a safe, comfortable & Reliable toll road service using modern technology and skilled Manpower.


  • Safety
  • Customer Oriented
  • Accountability
  • Quality
  • Team Work
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Modernization

It is known that the Government of Ethiopia is undertaking vast and numerous developmental programs to achieve the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) series laid out for the holistic renaissance of the country. The Addis Ababa – Adama Expressway (AAE) is one of the construction mega projects developed as part of GTP-I which is open for traffic and administered by the Ethiopian Toll Roads Enterprise. Other expressways (Modjo-Hawassa and Adama-Awash) are underway and many more are planned for future development and operation in line with the dynamic socio-economic development of Ethiopia.

A comprehensive toll road proclamation, Proclamation no 843/2014, was enacted by the Parliament. The Ethiopian Toll Roads Enterprise (ETRE) is established under the Regulation no 301/2014 issued by the Council of Ministers in July 2014 as public enterprise pursuant to the Public Enterprise Proclamation No. 25/1992.

ETRE designed a five-year strategic plan (2015/16 – 2020/21) in view of achieving the objective to avail a safe, reliable and efficient mobility to all road users with enjoyable driving experience ensuring the toll road business vitality in Ethiopia.

The success of the first year strategic plan (2015/16G.C) was evidenced by servicing a traffic flow of 5,043,463 (five million forty-three thousand four hundred sixty-three) vehicles surpassing the estimated plan of 4,714,286 (four million seven hundred fourteen thousand two hundred eighty-six) vehicles with (107%) success rate and the 24/7 traffic flow was nonstop managed without any major interruption and inconvenience for the customers. In addition, the various customer handling departments were able to deliver their services with customer satisfaction orientation.

In line with this, ETRE collected ETB 158,619,935 (One hundred fifty-eight million six hundred nineteen thousand nine hundred thirty five) from the toll road service in the 2015/16 budget year and the revenue accounts for 96.13% of the initial plan. There are various economic, social and operational reasons for the slightly mis-aligned performance of the traffic flow (107%) and revenue generated ( 96.13%), one reason is the decrease in the number of heavy freight vehicles that was forecasted during the initial period which didn’t take into consideration the unavailability of service facility stations demanded mostly by freight vehicles. Furthermore, the forecasted average distance coverage per vehicles is deviated from the actual level.